Friday, 16 July 2010

13. Dragon Tamers by Emma Maree Urquhart 15/07/10

At first I struggled to enjoy reading this book. This was not because of the storyline but due to how it had been written. Situations in the book, I felt, were not as good at creating a picture in the readers mind as they could have been. At times situations were a little disconjointed with how the characters interacted.

However, the storyline was extremely imaginative. The main idea of going into a video game has been done before, yet the imagination for the creatures and the realms were fantastic. The only thing I would have prefer would have been more descriptive writing to really build up a picture and to make the book a little longer!

It was only until the last few chapters where a twist was reviled that I started to really enjoy the book. I was glad that I had forced myself to read it to the end instead of giving up on occasion. Though I am no English student, I feel more descriptions and details would have made this a great book. As its stands now its OK book!

Cost of book: £0 (given to me by my Aunt as a present)

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E.Maree said...

Hi Emily,thanks for blogging about 'Dragon Tamers'. I was a lot younger then, and it shows - I think a lot of the points you mentioned are spot on and match flaws I see in it now.

But I'm glad you still enjoyed the storyline and the ending. I hope to rewrite it in the future, keeping the general storyline but polishing it to a more mature standard. =)